Mistake #1 – Starting your blog on a platform that you grow out of. 

What a headache it was when I decided that I was no longer happy using Blogger and wanted to move over to WordPress.  Transferring your domain is one thing, but then to move over all of your content without losing any is another. It’s almost like starting from scratch!

Most bloggers prefer WordPress because it allows you to have more control over your blog. Plus, Blogger doesn’t allow outside themes so you have a really limited look on your blog. You also don’t really have Plugins on Blogger, so you can’t do a lot with it like add an Instagram feed or sell products.  Wordpress allows for a TON of customization and adjustments.  I have heard over and over in discussion with other bloggers how I’m not the only one who wanted to make the switch for a multitude of reasons.  There’s a reason the top blogs are on WordPress.

If you are starting a blog, you’ll first want to go to a reputable hosting site, such as Bluehost which I both use and recommend. You even get your domain name for free when you sign up, then you can easily install WordPress in just 1 click! (If I can do it, anyone can.)

Mistake #2 – They go with a free (too good to be true) hosting site.  

To avoid this mistake, use a reputable host to avoid crashes which can cost your online business followers and income. Again, Bluehost is super helpful and offers 24/7 customer support and can handle high volume traffic.  It is so cheap and easy to get started with Bluehost which is why it is the choice of most bloggers. Just think, you can start your own business with only $3.95 month of overhead. (Totally awesome!)

Mistake #3 – They write about something they aren’t interested in.

I know this sounds silly, but it happens more often than you think.  For example, I had a tech blog before this because I knew how to monetize it.  However, I got bored very quickly with writing about technology.  Yes, I like technology.  But not to the point that I feel passionate enough to be able to produce ongoing, valuable content.

In short, don’t force content because you think it will make money. If you are not passionate about it, it will turn into a job really quickly.

Mistake #4 – They overthink a domain name. 

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the domain name, just launch and brand yourself.  What matters most is the content that you create.  You can potentially waste tons of valuable time thinking of the domain name when you could be spending making your blog already! (Yep, I’ve made this mistake too.)

Mistake #5 – They use photos from a Google search on their blog.

Definitely don’t use pictures that don’t belong to you – it’s illegal. You can use stock photos if you don’t have your own.  Even better, learn how to take and edit your own photos if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Mistake #6 – They don’t get an e-mail list.

Get an email list right away. This can be done by using a WordPress plugin that automatically collects the data for you.  An email list is like gold. It gives you 24/7 access to your subscribers’ inbox, which gives you leverage to promote your blog or product anytime.  It will definitely pay off down the road as you build your brand.

Mistake # 7 – They try to monetize their blog too hard, too fast.

Trying to sell things right away, or oversell is a HUGE MISTAKE. This will cause you to lose followers.  First, build trust with your community. Then, once you do ask for them to buy in to something, they will be more likely to support you.  Trying to sell right off the bat or push a ton of products that don’t fit your brand is a huge turn-off. And definitely only promote products that you stand behind.

Mistake #8 – They try to appeal to everyone, and end up appealing to no one.  

Find your niche.  Focus on one thing, and then you can expand and grow from that base.  If you are starting a travel blog, what makes you different?  Are you a solo female traveler? Backpacker on a budget? Niche down to build a solid community, just as in any business.

Mistake #9 – They don’t use social media to promote content.

This is a mistake that is not only made by newbies, but experienced bloggers alike. Some bloggers have such great, wonderful content, but nobody sees it.  We live in a time where you can literally build a 7 figure business without spending a cent on advertising – all by taking advantage of making a presence on social media.  On a side note, remember what happened to Myspace? That’s why it is extremely important to diversify and use as many platforms as you feel fit.

I hope that these tips help you to get your online business or blog up and running without a hitch! If you have any questions on how to launch your blog, send me an email or leave a question as a comment below.



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